Server Opening September 28th


Команда форума
September 28th Relax x30 server opening at 18:00 MSK (14:00 CET)

Basic server rates:


  • EXP: x30
  • SP: x30
  • Adena: x30
  • Seal stones: x5
  • Drop: x15
  • Spoil: х15
  • Manor: x5
  • Epaulette: x5
  • Quest reward (Adena, EXP, SP): x30
  • Pailaka and Seven Signs questline (Adena, EXP, SP): х1
  • Quest items: x1 (some quests drop items increased)
  • Raid Bosses : х5
  • Epic Bosses : х1
  • More information

Help for newbies:

At the start, nice bonuses wait you: NG equipment grade, teleport kit to the flag and mount.​

  • Armor Set NG Grade (light\heavy\robe)
  • Weapon NG Grade
  • Teleport kit to the flag (My Teleport Book , My Teleport Flag, My Teleport Scroll)
  • Mount (7 days)
When you get the first and second professions, you will receive 3 Traveler's Coupon - Grade D\C(quest inventory). They can be exchanged to Weapon, Armor and Jewelery. Professions and equipment can be obtained from the NPC Winry.​

Summoning system for Buffer and GMshop (Urey и Winry):


All characters at the creation receive two skills for summoning the Buffer and GMhop. The skills have three levels and their cooldown time is 20 minutes. At 1st skill level, the use is free, while the 2nd and 3rd skill levels are learned automatically at the 40th and 75th levels of the character and require Spirit Ores for using skill (introduced to complicate the "spam" by summoning NPC). You can summon NPC anywhere in the world except for the Grand Olympiad.​

Buffer (Urey):


Buffer is available for the character and pet\summon from the first level . You can use the prepared buff sets of "Warrior" and "Mage" and also choose buffs one by one. Buff cost increases with the character level.​
Buffer got 3 levels of amplification: 1st level is always available, 2nd and 3rd levels require Urey Certificates.​
GMshop (Winry):

In the extended store you can buy:​

  • Consumables
  • Equipment up to S grade inclusive
  • Decoration
  • Pets
  • Professions (1,2 for free, 3 for donation)
  • Traveler's Coupon - D\C
  • Noblesse (donation)

Forgotten Scrolls (books 80+):


All Forgotten Scrolls can be purchased on Hellbound Island.​
Cost of scrolls:​

  • 81 lvl: 25кк aden + 1000 шт. Ancient Tome of the Demon
  • 82 lvl: 25кк aden + 1000 шт. Ancient Tome of the Demon
  • 83 lvl: 100кк aden + 5000 шт. Ancient Tome of the Demon

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