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Server Opening 30rd of November 17:00 UTC

High-Five Part 5 is the final part of the classic Lineage II foreshadowing irreversible changes. Shillien acquires its former strength - serious changes are coming to life in Elmoraden.
  • Chronicles: High-Five Part 5
  • Platform: PTS
  • Server Time: Eastern European Time (EET, UTC +2)
Server concept
Experience gaining and production of high-level equipment is much easier compared to previous chronicles, and is mainly suited for a small group of 3-9 people. Even an ordinary player could achieve a good equipment for his character without spending a lot of time.

The server rates are set at x7, in conjunction with the PTS platform, which guarantees long-term stable operation of the server, enables long and pleasant gameplay.

Server Rates
  • EXP: x7
  • SP: x7
  • Drop: x5 (Increase chance)
  • Spoil: x5 (Increase chance)
  • Adena: x7
  • Seal Stones: x3 (Increase quantity)
  • Manor: x1
  • Fishing: x1
  • Epaulettes: x5 (Increase quantity)
Raid Bosses
  • EXP: x7
  • Drop: x3 (Increase chance)
Epic Bosses
  • EXP: x7
  • Drop: x1
  • EXP: x7
  • SP: x7
  • Adena: x7
  • Quests Items: x3 (Some quests)
  • Pailaka: x1
  • Seven Signs: x1
  • Home Security
  • Handle With Care
  • Threat Removal
  • Figuring It Out!
  • Reed Field Maintenance
  • For a Good Cause
  • Only What Remains
  • Expulsion of Evil Spirits
  • Take Advantage of the Crisis!
  • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1
  • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2
  • Ghosts of Batur
  • Help the Uncle!
  • Help the Sister!
  • Help the Son!
  • Supplier of Reagents
  • Yoke of the Past
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs
  • Battle against Varka Silenos
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos
  • Battle against Ketra Orcs
  • Gather the Flames
  • Relics of the Old Empire
  • The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension
  • A Powerful Primeval Creature
  • Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
  • A Game of Cards
  • Seductive Whispers
  • Defeat the Elrokian Raiders!

Respaun time:

RB for noblesse and subclass quests:
  • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - 12+8h
  • Death Lord Hallate - 12+8h
  • Kernon - 12+8h
  • Longhorn Golkonda - 12+8h
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 12+8h
  • Orfen - 36 ±2h
  • Core - 36 ±2h
  • Queen Ant - 24 ±2h
  • Baium - 5 days ±2h
  • Antharas - 11 days
  • Valakas - 11days
  • Learning skills according to the concept of NCSoft.
  • Siege of Castles and Clan Halls according to the concept of NCSoft.
  • Chance and maximum level of enchant weapons, armor and jewelry according to the concept NCSoft.
  • From the start, all players are available - an unlimited boxes.

Gameplay Features:

  • When creating a character, the player gets a unique set and a unique weapon - according to the class.
  • Automatic pickup drops - except herbs and drop from RB: on - .autopickupon\off - .autopickupoff.
  • Offline trading is available to all players from the start - after opening a trading shop, use the "Merchant's Certificate".
  • The first and second professions are free; upon receipt of a profession, certificates are issued for which you can get equipment according to the character level.
  • The third profession and nobility - quest or "Belsia Certificate" which can be purchased for coins.
  • The maximum sub class level is 85.
  • All players have access to the global chat from level 20 - the delay between sending messages is 30 seconds.
  • Agathions Bracelets and Mount Bracelets - added passive skill that increases the number of inventory cells and the weight limit.
  • Accessories - added the skills "Resurrection" and "Return".
  • Players have access to experience blocking: on - .expon\off - .expoff.
  • The minimum number of characters for entering to Freya's, Frintezza's, Zaken's instances 9+2.
  • Players can remove Dance\Song by Alt + Click.
Events of the game world:

Seven Signs

  • Registration in Seven Signs will begin - from the first Monday after starting the server..
Clan Halls
  • Auctions for Clan Halls will be launched - after the server start.
Zariche & Akamanah
  • Cursed weapons - disabled.
Castle siege
  • The first sieges will be held 2 weeks after the server start.
  • All сastles are аvailable to capture.
Territory wars
  • Territory wars are held during the siege week on Saturday at 20:00.
  • The first Territory wars will pass immediately after the end of the first sieges.
Grand Olympiad

For a more dynamic gameplay, the period of the Grand Olympiad is reduced to 2 weeks. The award at the end of the Olympiad period is reduced by 2 times.

  • The Grand Olympiad will begin when the server has enough characters with noblesse.
  • The Grand Olympiad works in a 14-day cycle with a binding to the period of Seven Signs.
  • The Grand Olympiad cycle starts on Monday in the Seven Signs Victory Week and ends on Sunday in the Fight Week.
  • The end of the Grand Olympiad always falls on a non-siege Sunday.
  • Olympiad points are awarded every 3 days.
  • To become a contender for the title of hero, you must spend at least 15 fights, of which you must have at least 1 victory.
  • Grand Olympiad participants have access to special daily quests with a useful reward.

New NPC - comfortable game

  • Located in all towns and villages.
  • It will help you acquire the necessary supplies, equipment up to S grade, professions, noblesse.
  • Provides buff sets, Standard and Premium - the skills in sets differ.
  • Belsia can be summoned anywhere in the world including the zone instance - you can summon it by using the skill:
"Summon Belsia"

  • Located in: Giran, Aden, Rune and Hunters Village.
  • Сan teleport to special zones.
  • Located in all towns and villages - can be found in the "Blacksmith Shop", moves randomly.
  • Providing the Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon services.

Changes in skills



  • Increased PVE protection by 25%.
  • Increased PVE attack by 50%


Added skills:​
"Fighter's Will"​
"Archer's Will"​
"Protection of Rune"​
"Protection of Elemental"​
"Protection of Alignment"​

Silver Ranger, Fantom Ranger, Hawkeye

Skill changes "Silent Mind"​
Moved to level 40​
Added skill "Hunter's Mastery". Can be learn at 40/76/80/85 levels.​
When using a bow:​
"Increases PVE damage by 10%"
"Increases PVE damage by 15%"
"Increases PVE damage by 20% / PVP damage by 5%"
"Increases PVE damage by 25% / PVP damage by 15%"

Silver Ranger
Changed skill enchant "Rapid Fire".​
Decreases attack range penalty:​
"When skill is enchanted +30, there is no penalty on attack range."

Fantom Ranger

Skill changes "Silent Mind"​
When receiving damage:​
"Recover 490 HP"
Skill bonuses "Counter Chance" have been changed.​
When receiving damage:​
"Increases casting speed by 15%"
"Reduces skills MP consumption by 5%"
"Reduces physical skills cooldown by 20%"
Changed skill enchant "Dead Eye".​
Decreases atk.speed penalty:​
"When skill is enchanted +30, there is no penalty on atk.speed."


Skill changes "Silent Mind"​
When receiving damage:​
"Recover 490 HP"​
Changed skill enchant "Snipe".​
Decreases speed penalty:​
"When a skill is enchanted +30, there is no penalty on speed."


Added skill "Hunter's Soul". Can be learn at 40/76/80/85 levels.​
When using a crossbow:​
"Increases PVE damage by 10%"
"Increases PVE damage by 15%"
"Increases PVE damage by 20%"
"Increases PVE damage by 25%"
Changed skill enchant "Sharpshooting".​
Decreases speed penalty:​
"When a skill is enchanted +30, the penalty on speed is 50%."

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