Forum Rules

1. Account creation:

1.1 Nickname and avatar should not contain:​
- website addresses​
- advertisements​
- obscene expressions​
- expressions of racism​
- duplication of existing nicknames of forum users​
- nickname of other forum users and expression of attitude towards them.​
- images: pornographic/violent/abusive​
1.2 Forbidden to create duplicate accounts in order to continue communicating on the forum after the ban. (Using of the forum can be continued only after the expiry of the term of punishment. All duplicate accounts created for bypass of punishment are subject to a permanent ban.)​
1.3 Forbidden to use other people's accounts:​
- To bypass the ban and continue communicating on the forum.​
- Impersonation of another person, misleading other users and inflicting any harm to them.​
2. Messages and topics:

2.1 Creating topics that have been discussed on the forum.​
2.2 Creating topics that do not correspond to the forum section.​
2.3 Creating duplicate topics.​
2.4 Creating topics with an uninformative title.​
2.5 Creating topics containing in the title rude expressions, insults of forum participants, slander.​
2.6 Publication of messages containing rude expressions, insults of forum participants, slander.​
2.7 Publication of messages containing commercial advertising, advertising of other projects, referral links.​
2.8 Using a lot of caps lock.​
2.9 Senseless replicas (flood).​
2.10 Abuse of text message formatting tools, such as color, text size.​
2.11 Images: pornographic/violent/abusive.​
2.12 Leaking any information about users, including names, etc, without their consent. Unauthorized publishing of communication logs, other people's photos, etc.​
2.13 Discussion about administration and forum moderators.​

Punishment is determined by the moderator of the forum, depending on the severity of the violation, as well as the history of punishments.​
Among the possible punishments:
- deleting of the forum account​
- deleting of a message containing violation​
- increasing of the warning level​
- ban on publications for a period of time determined by the moderator​
- lock forum account for a period of time determined by the moderator​
- the ban of all gaming user's accounts (for serious violation of the rules)​
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